Acid Pauli

Psychedelic artists used an infinite color palette to paint their rainbow visions… Acid Pauli uses his laptop to exhibit the colorful vastness of different music genres, putting together sounds like pieces of a puzzle. His DJ sets are like a mad Jenga tower: a beautiful and solid construction that can fall apart on wrong hands. But Acid Pauli (aka of Martin Gretschmann) is a true master architect, one of the popes of electronic pop––a genre that would be a whole different thing without the inputs of his own bands Console or The Notwist. But when it comes to blending pop and electronic music under his own moniker, Gretschmann is definitely not same as the warm Acid Pauli: Gretschmann seems to prefer liquid ice as a mixing element. Maybe that’s the reason why Björk trusted him during the recording of “Vespertine”… Two different voices in one acid artist.

36”x24” / 91x60cm
Limited edition of 10 signed by Martin Gretschmann.
(30% of profits will go to a charity organization chosen by the artist)