If there are any mutants on the music scene, Dan Snaith is their absolute leader. This Canadian-born musician started making music under the name of Manitoba, but he was soon was forced to change it to avoid a legal conflict with the publisher of the eponymous comic book villain. It was then that Caribou was born. Though known for his pop song structures, Snaith broke away from this paradigm to explore,a whole new world of psychedelia with second album, “Andorra” (Merge, 2007). The sublime “Swim” (Merge, 2010), pushed those boundaries even further, creating an experience that goes beyond music genres. In this unique sonic experience, Snaith tried to emulate the action of swimming, alternating the clean and open sound when your head is above water and the intimate and warm ambient soundscape of being under water. After the success of that album, the mutant Caribou developed an evil twin, Daphni: an alter ego with the super power to blend electronic and ethnic music genres, as best heard on his album “Jiaolong” (named after his own music label). How does one know what’s next on Snaith’s radar? Simply consult your comic collection and wander: what if…?

36”x24” / 91x60cm
Limited edition of 10 signed by Dan Snaith.
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