Damian Lazarus

Our era of information-overdrive lets you reach every single piece of culture you want. But it also makes it much more necessary to find a guiding voice, an advisor: someone who has that magic ability to isolate the relevant and dismiss the superfluous. Not only does that describe Damian Lazarus to a T, but what’s more, it seems like everything he touches turns to gold––a modern version of King Midas. His DJ sessions are famous all over the world, but his main work has always been as a music hound with an unbelievable nose for uncovering hidden sonic jewels. With taste in spades and gems to spare, Lazarus built his own label, Crosstown Rebel: a a guiding light that has been influencing electronic music first from his hometown London and now from Los Angeles, where it now functions as a headquarters for mad projects like his international parties (always billed as unique and special events) or his own Lazpod (a podcast conceived as a journey through all those hits he never got to play as a DJ). Listen up: this contemporary shaman will reveal all.


36”x24” / 91x60cm
Limited edition of 10 signed by Damian Lazarus.
(30% of profits will go to a charity organization chosen by the artist)