Alex Trochut is an illustrator, designer and typographer known for his geometrically precise yet fluid, sensual forms. His work is sought after for its ability to elevate a simple word or symbol into a piece of inspiring conceptual art. There is a dynamic exchange that occurs between his designs and the viewer, as they engage in a conversation based upon visual metaphor, puns and references that require a cultural viewfinder.

Beginning as a freelance designer, Trochut established his Barcelona-based design studio in 2007. Now dividing his time between Brooklyn and Barcelona, his client list includes Coca-Cola, Nike, Pepsi, Adidas, Puma, the Rolling Stones, The New York Times and Absolut. As a speaker, he has travelled worldwide to lecture on various art and design topics. Trochut’s works have appeared in countless publications, and his art has been exhibited globally, including a past collaboration with the ceramics studio, Apparatu.

In 2011, Trochut published his monograph, “More is More,” reflecting his work philosophy that results in his constantly evolving body of illustrations and designs. Showcasing his commercial and personal projects, as well as a statement on his perspective and influences, “More is More” was met with critical acclaim by the art and design community.

Binary Prints

Following the publication of “More is More,” Trochut became interested in the duality that could be represented in one two-dimensional work on paper. He invented a process through which two completely separate images could be shown on one surface––one which appears in light, and one which appears only in the dark.

What followed was a collaboration with some of the premiere electronic musicians of our time. Trochut called on James Murphy, Caribou, Four Tet, Damian Lazarus, Acid Pauli, John Talabot, Lucy and others to create a series of portraits that explore the people behind the music. Discussing themes of both visual and auditory natures, Trochut created portraits that reflect the musician’s vision of their own work and identity. These nocturnal portraits “wake up” in the dark, just as the DJs “come alive” at night, as do audiences under the spell of their music. Anyone who has been present at those transcendental moments of communion at a show can attest to the experience as an awakening––a nighttime rebirth of mind and body. There is a literal translation of the inverted blinking eye, which shows the artists emerging into their nocturnal personas, bringing them into focus, from a anonymous being to an icon of music and sound. Like the experiential discovery inherent in live music, these portraits create layers for the viewers to feel and pull apart, combining the universal with the personal.


First of all I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to all the musicians who believed in this idea and agreed to lend their faces to become the main focus of this project. Their invaluable collaboration has been indispensable to making this project a reality, confirming that they are all real stars at all levels.

I would also like to thank Michele Angelo, Quique Baeza, Pablo Barquín, Teo Guillem, Gerardo del Hierro, Nelson-Luis Martinez, Darren Mok, Steven Pranica, Estrella Lasry, Liz Leavitt, Jeff Levine, Alvaro Salvat and Sam Summerskill who willingly volunteered time from their busy schedules to offer advice and boundless support.

I would like to acknowledge with the utmost appreciation the work of Marc Ambros and Chris Rubino for their key contribution as photographers. Roger Pau for doing, as always, such a great job creating this website. Larisa Pakula, for your unbreakable diligence. And also Sarah Maltais, Raul de Tena and Abbye Churchill for your great minds and writing skills.

A special thanks goes to Marc Ventosa, without you this project would not have been possible. And also Sónar Festival for believing in the project from day one.

Finally, I’d like to thank my parents for their constant support and encouragement throughout all the process and Gala Delmont for her invaluable enthusiasm and input.

30% profits to Charity.

We are happy to announce that 30% of profits of the signed limited edition prints will go to the charity organization selected by each artist.

Technique and Printing

Binary Prints is a patented technique (PATENT PENDING No. ES 201200927)
All prints have been screen-printed at Art Plus in Barcelona by Jose Maria Hernando, whose work is essential to achieving these amazing tailored made prints.

All creations, designs, names, trademarks and artworks displayed and shown on this web site are copyright protected and owned by Alex Trochut SL.